Friday, October 22, 2010

Frisbee Tip - October

Well, the end is almost here!  Up in Illinois, the end is today!  Down here though, our end is next week.

So with that in mind, I'll give you a tip now instead of later like I normally do.  :)

Don't throw the Frisbee from an unusual stance!  :)

This one is almost a no-brainer...  But I've found myself breaking this one a lot because I think I have a good shot that I could miss.

This scenario happens whenever someone catches the Frisbee on a dive, or if they trip, or just trying to stop running!  In GA, I've probably thrown about 4 passes from my knees - 1 was blocked, 2 were thrown into the ground, and only 1 made it where I wanted it to go.  Usually it pays off to take the extra time to get up off the ground and stand up to make a throw.  Unless you only have 3 seconds left on the clock...

But I've even broken this rule when I'm not on the ground!  *Explanation coming up* One time we played when it was wet and slippery out...  And I caught the Frisbee on a short throw as I was running across the field, so far so good, but then I saw someone open downfield and decided to take my shot - before setting myself into a stable position!  Well, I threw the Frisbee...  And I didn't even get to see where it went!  The force of the bomb had thrown me to the ground - something that the rain had something to do with - and consequently into a puddle!  :)  I was uncomfortable all the way to the end of the game, plus something could very well have happened to me - Like a twisted ankle or whiplash from hitting the ground.

So there you have it...  Make sure you're in a good position to throw the Frisbee before you do throw it!  And whatever you do - DON'T HURT YOURSELF!


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  1. Agreed. There are exceptions but they are very few.

    By the way, I'm going to link you to a blog of a friend of mine. His name is Peter Bringe. He's sixteen and lives in Missouri. I've actually only met him a couple of times, but last Saturday I got the chance to talk with him for several hours.

    His blog is FANTASTIC. Look it up at

    Warning: His blog is for serious, sober, and committed young men :).

    That reminds me. I have a poem that I wrote about a month ago that I want you to read. I will probably send it to you by email.

    Andy R.