Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life. ...Is full of everything! Questions... Leave a comment too!

So...  How many people actually still read this blog???  Just curious.  ;)

As most of you know, I'm going through a rough stage in my life.  Rough in many ways.  Mostly, I'm at that stage of life where something hits you like a brick and you know you need to change, or you'll never reach the goal that God calls you to reach.

I asked my manager at work tonight - "What can I do to get better, to get to the next level?"  And he replied - "The biggest thing for you is maturity."

That pretty much says it all right there...  I've heard that many different times, by many different people, and many different ways in the past couple months.  And I've been making some changes.

It's weird how emotionally connected we get to things though.  :(  I'm having a hard time giving up things I know I should give up, and doing things I know I should do.  But the best motivation I have right now is this
I look down the road a few years from now and I see my family.  No faces, just grey outlines of my wife and kiddos.  I don't know whom God is going to say "Start a family with her" about, but I know He'll pick the best for me.  And I don't know what my kids are going to act like, but I know He'll give me the wisdom to deal with them.  And I don't know how hard this year and the next are going to be, but I'm praying that He'll give me the strength to see it through while giving 100%!

And then I look at Christ.  He saved me.  That is enough motivation for ANYONE!  You don't need more than that to live life expecting to be a help to others and to glorify Him through your life!  I see all this, and I realize that having a family is just one goal that God is calling me to.  I look at my career.  A goal.  But both of these - and any other area we're called to be in - are just tools for us to use in glorifying God!  Men need to lead.  I can lead my family and help them, I can lead my coworkers at work and help them as well!  I can lead at Friday Frisbee, and help my friends!

It's funny how you can look at things.  I can either choose to view the world as my own little place - walking around and doing what I want to do, because I only feel what's good for myself, or I can view it as an opportunity for more - doing things for others because I realize that I'm not the only one that matters.

When you start looking at the world as an opportunity, not as a place of indulgence, then you realize that most of your "goals" are in fact just tools to help you in your mission.  Mission:  Glorify God through your calling.

And thus my ramble ends.  I hope this helps you as well.  :)

Sorry about the upcoming contest too!  :-/  It was an idea, and it never got enough steam to move forward with.  :(  But I will make it happen if we get enough steam.  ;)

I'll finish by saying that my parents had let me do Google+, and I was enjoying that, and they let me keep up this blog, but I'm going to be coming less to the online world and focusing more on what God has in front of me.  So yeah, I hope to be more personable when I see you face-to-face, even if it's tomorrow, next year, or in 1,000 years (I'm still going to be alive then.  ;).  I will still keep both of these, but it won't be a main part of my life like it has been.  I'm just going to use it as the tool that it is if you use it right.

So goodnight you guys!  My email is dontpillsburyjay@gmail.com.  Contact me there if you want to talk, catch up, or just plain want to say something!  My ears are always open to friends.  :)

For Christ's glory!