Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh, and by the way....

Since I'm going to try and keep "y'all" (4+ years of living in GA and I still put qoutation marks when I write that online... :P ) updated with a little of my life when I have time, let me tell you one of the higlights of last year (it's one of the highlights of my whole life, actually).

Anyways, I got up one Saturday morning (I worked that day, but later - at 3pm) sometime around 4ish and dad drove the two of us out to a friends place that's out in the woods of Georgia, and I walked through a dark, eerie forest, crossed a stream in my waterproof boots (still in the dark), tramped up a hill, and climbed into a treestand and watched as everything began to take form - trees became distinguishable, birds started flying around - and I waited and waited....  Squirrels would mess up my concentration, there was a flock (?) of crows that were extremely annoying, but around 9am, I saw one - That elusive creature called the Whitetail Deer.
So I picked up my rifle and got it in my scope....  But it was turned and walking away from me and into the woods on the left.  another missed opportunity on my part to capitalize on a shot at one.  But wait!  No sooner had I let go of that one then another and another popped out of the woods to my right!  I looked them over at a glance and went for the better shot - which also happened to be the bigger one.  The next is history to be told by word of mouth and not written down for the world to see on the internet.  :D

Here's the Vic Pic ~

Me with my trusty Marlin and promise of meat in the freezer.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you have a protege? (Frisbee Tip, plus more)

So this is a Frisbee Blog, but I've been learning a lot of things by working at CFA recently.  Leadership stuff...  Some of it not said, but implied, some of it clear as anything I've ever been told...  But all of it something you have to learn.

One thing that leaders do is train, or "develop" people.  Simply said, leaders have a lot of proteges.  And that goes for everything we do.

First,  let me define 'Protege'

"Protege: a person under the patronage, protection, or care of someone interested in his or her career or welfare." ~
So, in Frisbee....  (Frisbee tip here) the guys who know the most about the game aren't really doing any good with it if they don't teach someone else what they know.  And that goes for anyone!  Suppose you've played a few times, and then you come to Friday Frisbee and there's someone new who doesn't have a clue about the game....  YOU CAN HELP THEM!  I've helped many guys see a different aspect of the game (I'm not the best with beginners, but I'm good at helping the intermediate guys), and those guys use what I've taught them.  The people you help will use what you teach them, so be wise in what you say!  And don't load them down with too much information.
This is one big plus about knowing your own capabilities - you know what you're good at and what you can teach others.  See, it wouldn't be good for me to teach a college football player how to throw the football better.  But I can, and do, help others play Frisbee better.
One thing that you can do to get better (Frisbee or not), is to come up with a list of stuff you don't know (eg.  1. how to throw a hammer. 2. how to play zone on defense...  etc.), and then set out on a journey to ask others, who know how to do that stuff, if they can teach you (or by careful observation, you can teach yourself).
IknowIknowIknow.....  I'm not posting a lot on here, and I'm about to plunge into the busiest time of my life (commonly known as college), but if you check here every-now-and-then, I'll make sure to post every-once-in-a-while.  :)