Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July Frisbee Tip

Well... I'm having trouble with Blogger... I can't seem to figure out all this picture sizing detail. :P But here it is! You didn't think I'd forget to give you a tip, right?! But I had to put my thougths into a picture somehow, so I used "Paint" which is a free Windows thing where you can draw stuff.

So that brings me to my tip - Use the Cross Pass! It's amazing how people can get open from other people all because the Frisbee moved! See what I mean -

I don't know if you can see it well or not, but there's the yellow star (which we'll assume is you), black stars (on the opposite team - numbered 1,2,3), and white stars (your teammates - A,B,C). In this figure you can either throw it to C - a terribly hard throw, especially if you want to get it inside the cones... You'd have to worry about 3 blocking you immediately, and if it goes past... There's 2 just waiting to block it. (2 btw, is watching you to see if you're throwing it to B or C... 3's guarding you, 1's watching for A to break up the sidelines and into the end zone or across the field in front of you.) Soooo.... What's the best throw?

You just threw it to A... A didn't hardly have to move, while 1 couldn't get in front fast enough (as he was waiting for A to move somewhere else), so 1 is now guarding A... B & C are still splitting the end-zone, you moved a little closer to A (just in case any of the next throws won't work for some reason), 3 is making sure you don't go back into the end-zone past him - which leaves you open for a potential pass if A can't get it to someone else... 2 then moves into a position similar to the first one - although now that you've moved the field he can't get into as good of a position anywhere.

In this diagram, A should either throw it to B or C for the point! If let's say 2 is guarding C - then As best throw is to B (even if it's a hammer or curve shot). If 2 is guarding B - he should throw it to C as a floater just past him... Not too high as 2 can still come in to block it, but if you put it low, you might risk the chance of 3 coming and knocking it down.

The cross pass makes sure that the defenders see the field differently, and gives you the hope that they don't get into good positions fast enough. If there are more defenders than I put in my diagrams, you have to either work your way up the field (always threatening to go deep) with one or more other players, or try and get in a trick-shot! :) I've done those too many times - and given the defense reason to celebrate after most of those shots... although there is the occasional good shot that you'll get past the other team. It's almost worth the risk to make those shots. :)

Well... That was a long tip, but I wanted to illustrate a scenario I've seen a LOT over the years! Granted, some Frisbee groups play man-to-man, but for Friday Frisbee... This is one play I've seen a lot.


Friday, July 9, 2010


Hey readers of my blog!

Gene and I have come up with a contest!  There's no entry fee, but there are prizes!  the contest is to advertise Friday Frisbee!


The object of this contest is for the contestants to make a 2min (max) commercial/advertisement for Ultimate Frisbee / Friday Frisbee!


1. You can only enter up to 3 different Frisbee commercials per family. There is no entry fee.
2. The ad can only be up to 2 minutes in length. There is no minimum time for the ad.
3. Please remember that this is a Christian Frisbee group, that doesn't mean that you have to pound Bible verses into your entry, but that you have to keep it clean. Your entry must have nothing in it that would make it questionable to watch.
4. Your entry/entries will be automatically disqualified if any of these rules are violated.

If you are interested in making an ad with people playing Ultimate and don't have the time/people/equipment to film it, email me (Leave a comment with your email if I don't have it already...  I'll delete your comment if you want to keep it private) and I'll send out some Friday Frisbee footage to those who enter the competition.


The first 3 places will get to have their commercial put on this blog.
Plus the 1st place winner will win a Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee disc.


We need some volunteer judges to judge the entries... If you're interested in doing that, please reply back and I'll set something up with you. The deadline to apply for a judge's spot will be on August 21st. We will send you an email soon after you reply, with instructions on scoring and everything else you'll need to know. We're hoping to get 5 judges, so HURRY UP and sign up to be a judge!

To be a judge, none of your immediate family can submit an entry to this competition. We would rather not put the temptation in front of the judges to pick one of their family's entries.

The criteria for judging entries will be different depending on the different likes/dislikes of the judges. They may (according to their fancy) choose the most funny, most professional, or whatever they like.


The deadline to submit your commercial will be on Saturday, August 28th at 12:00pm. You can email your submissions to me, give me or Gene a DVD at Frisbee, or otherwise get your ad to me/Gene... We will then make sure that the judges get it.

The places of the contestants will be decided on by Saturday, September 11th at the latest. The top 3 placements will then be put on this Frisbee blog (probably one at a time) for your enjoyment! We will also try to make a website later for the entries that didn't place, so that you can view all of them if you wish.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Braves... Etc.

Well, I forgot to take very many pictures over the weekend... I'm fighting a losing battle in that section. :) But I will try to get some of the not-so-exciting pics up that I did take.

Last Wednesday we got to go to a Braves game for Jo's B-day which they played against the Washington Nationals! Well, we'd been to 3 Braves games before and 3 Braves losses - 2 of them being skunks 9-0. :) So we just went to have fun... Well this time the Braves beat the Nats 4-1! :) It was pretty fun too. Dad even caught one of the practice balls that one of the Nats hit for a home-run!

~Here are some pictures from that event~

Jo the B-day girl

The Braves starting pitcher Jair Jurrjens (his first game after he injured his hamstring)

A pitcher for the Nationals warming up (it's Stephen Strasburg... He's supposed to be one of the best rookie pitchers ever)

Some of the Nationals' trainers in the outfield for pratice - I thought they looked funny just sitting there with their bats.

One of the Nationals' outfielders... He did well, and caught a couple balls that looked hard to catch.

After that, we took Jo up to Atlanta (again) on Friday to go shopping at one of the malls there (any girl's dream), and after that we stopped and ate dinner and dessert at the Cheesecake Factory... I had a hot-fudge sundae. :) I'm not a big fan of cheesecake, but all the rest of my family said that the cheesecake was really good! But I was the only one in my family (including dad, which was a surprise) who didn't take home a to-go box! :D

Then after all of that... We did several different things for the 3rd of July. :) First Frisbeegirl and Frisbeeman went to the PTC parade and saw several friends there and talked with them for a little bit, then we watched part of the parade, but we couldn't stay long because we had to leave to go to our church's picnic at 11:00. While we were there most of us played Softball for a couple hours until 2:00, while some of the others played Volleyball... I played Softball and it was really fun, that's when I got a burn from being in the sun. :) So after that we went to a party at another family's house, where there was a pool, so they had relays across it with a tournament with different teams competing. I didn't get in the pool, but I got to play some Volleyball and Bags there.

Then we went to a golf course to watch the PTC fireworks, and we played some Ultimate Frisbee there. My team won 14-13. :)

On the 4th we went to another friend's home to watch the Newnan fireworks, and ended up playing Bags and Football there.

So that's the end of that! I'm all tired out now... :P But I had a ton of fun!

I'd love to hear about what you did for this past weekend! Just leave a comment telling everyone how much fun you had and what you did!