Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm typing this on....

My new laptop!!!!  :)

Yep, I got one yesterday, and sometime soon I'm going to get an Ipod touch.   - Splurging I am (although gift cards do help).  :)  So my new buddy's name is - Tuck!  Tuck is an acronym....  What for?  I'm going to see if any of you guys can guess.  ;)

What with college starting up next week, this was a necessary (ahem) purchase.  :)  It will help out tremendously though, of that I am sure.  Plus it's my very own.  I like that feeling of buying your own stuff (although I'm sure dad knows how much I still don't pay for...).  ;)

Tata!  I have to get some sleep before I wake up at 4:15am, work, go home and clean, play Frisbee, and then go to bed somewhere around morning (I think some people refer to this time as the "ungodly hours")


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


As far as the busy scale goes, yesterday saw a jump by about 2 points (towards the busy side).

That's right, as you can probably guess by the title, I signed up for CollegePlus and I'll be starting with them on April 2nd (not the first, although that would've been cool.... :).

I'm 2/3 of my way done with my first week as part of the Day Crew, and so far - so good.  :)  I'm looking forward to developing under new leaders (I switched stores and went to Kedron from 54), and learning more of the responsibilities that everyone has there.

So I have College and work, and Frisbee starts in 9 days!!!!!!!!!  I'm sorta busy.  :)  But it's a good busy.  I'm going to take tomorrow as a resting day and play Airsoft with some friends all day.  Should be fun.  Then back to work and this and that and everything.



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When change comes, it comes fast and without warning....

So, Blog readers, I'm going to tell you something from my life (not Frisbee this time), and this something just happened....

I moved from Night Crew to Day Crew this week!  :|

I have mixed emotions about it.  I'll really miss my pals on Night Crew, especially my two best friends.  But I'll see them occasionally, because I'll still work one night out of the week (Saturday).

As for the good, I'm really excited to push myself in a new direction, and expand my area of expertise to include running Boards in the morning.  Then I'll be (theoretically, when I move back to NC) one of the best guys for Saturday morning and I'll continue my quest to become supervisor/manager.

It's a change and I'm dealing with big confidence issues.  One thing I'm trying to remember is that God works all things out for the good of those who love Him, and that I should work as onto the Lord and not to please men.  (Romans 8:28, and Ephesians 6:5-8)

So...  Hello Day Crew,  :)  ....Goodbye Night Crew.  :(