Friday, February 18, 2011

- Update -

Well (I'm going to start counting how many of my posts start out with "Well..." ;), I've been posting very little, and I've explained why (work, school...).  But what do I do in my spare time?

Well, I just finished reading a book that my Grandparents gave me for Christmas.  :)  I also spend time playing with our two indoor cats...  That's why I always have scratches on my arms...  :D  I watch movies with my family, play games with them, go places with them, and a lot of those good things.  :)  One MBM truck guy asked me how in the world my parents kept a hold on me (he asked in a good way, he wanted to know because he has a son), and I told him -besides the obvious answer- that they kept me busy doing good things, reading good books, and playing with good friends.  :)  And that's what I do, pretty much.

I also got out with my sister to play Frisbee today (A good idea since it's mostly good weather around the U.S.), and my operator is going to take me and his son out to eat tonight.  :)  It's a reward for reading a Proverb a day from mid-August to January.  :)

That's pretty much what I do...  :)