Monday, February 27, 2012

Who does this kind of thing?!?!

I mean, um, I......

I'm going a little out of the way to gain "publicity" for this, but a Blog post that says what this says....  Has anyone ever done this???

Let me explain.

Alright. Last year we had a Frisbee Commercial Contest.... This year we're doing a contest that's a little different (To be announced later). But you have the chance to pick who gets what...  :)

Sound good?

Basically I have a few things that I'm going to give out at the end of the contest to the top X finishers.  That's right....  I'm not picking how many people get prizes...  YOU ARE!  :)

Anyways here's how it works.  Pick any of the things below and number them (which finisher will get that item [anywhere from 1st to 6th...  ;)] ), and then comment and tell me what you picked.

1 *Regular Frisbee.
1 *Light up Frisbee.
2 *Pairs of wristbands.
2 *Frisbee T-Shirts.

This is an example pick - ("1st place: Light up Frisbee, and a T-shirt...  2nd place: Regular Frisbee and pair of wristbands....  3rd place: T-shirt and pair of wristbands.)

Mix & Match time!  Btw, tell your friends about it - ANYONE can enter when we start the competition!!!!!!!!!  :)


P.S.  You MUST vote before the 16th of March!  ...It's a secret what the competition is - so that no one gets greedy (if they're sure they can get first or second based on the category.... ;).  I'll post about the prize order and what the competition is after I figure out the votes.  :)

P.P.S.  I have still another secret to be revealed in the due course of time...  :D

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Frisbee 2012 - what's new?

Well, well.  Last year we had a couple new things for Frisbee (I did a post that year on the new things), like lights around the field, new rules, and even a different time for playing in the Spring and Fall!

Well, you may be asking what is new for Frisbee in 2012?

I'll tell you!  (Warning: there might not be something "new" every year.  There just happens to be something new this year.)

Frisbee Girl and I took mom out to Fayetteville (yes, I drove. :), and went to Hobby Lobby to get these!

Bandanas for 2012.  Orange, Green, Yellow, and Pink.

These are for the teams to wear during Frisbee.  The captains will each have a bag (up to 4 captains), and there are enough for 15 on a team!  If you don't want to do the math, that's a total of 60 poeple!  :)

The guy at the register asked us if it was "National Bandana Day".....  When we asked him why he asked, he said that that was the second time that day that he'd checked out a lot of bandanas in the same order.  :)

Well, that's what's new!  Frisbee Girl, me, and a couple others have been brainstorming on picking strategies and orders - so I hope this year we won't have as many people upset about the picking process.

More news would be the fact that we finally have a date to start Frisbee in 2012 - March 16th!  :)  Mark your calendars for that day and the two Fridays in March after that.  I'll keep you updated in the email and on the side bar of this Blog (also on Google+, where you can find the group at

See you there!