Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The End is Near!

Wow!  The regular Friday Frisbee season is coming to a close here in the next few weeks!

As you probably know, the party for the end of Frisbee is going to be on the 29th of October.  It'll be a really fun day!  We already have 21 people who've RSVPed!  So you should hurry up and RSVP by the 26th, or get one of your family members to!  :)

As for Frisbee news...  I bought some GLOW-STICKS at the $ store.  :)  Hopefully that will raise people's awareness of their surroundings when we play in the dark.  But yep...  We can use those if it gets too dark out.  (Which it probably will :)

As for other news...  We probably won't have to worry about the GRASS being too tall, seeing as this is the time when the grass stops growing.  :)  And then there's the COLD weather!  Hopefully it won't be too bad here in the next couple of weeks...  Over at it says that it'll be 83* for next Friday.  Not too bad!

And if it does get cooler on us, (...Frisbee tip coming up...) you can put on long-sleeved T-shirts!  I say that because sweaters and sweatshirts are generally too heavy and they always make you too hot.  I wear long-sleeved T-shirts when it gets cold out because they keep you warmer from the wind/cold/rain - plus they are lightweight and you can wear them under a regular T-shirt.  (Plus they look cool when you wear them like that!  ;)

So.  I'd love to see you at Frisbee...  Especially the last one!



  1. Nice photo there! (Really like the cone flying.)

    Of course, we're wrapping up pretty soon ourselves.

    Andy Romanowitz

  2. Nice! When are you guys having your party?


  3. Hey Frisbeeman!

    We're having the party October 22nd. Last year the group consumed about 40 pizzas!

    Hey, I've got a couple of ideas you could use for tips.
    1. Often, when a person with the frisbee is having trouble finding a good play, his teammates will try to come in close to him in an attempt to make an opportunity for a short pass. This actually makes it more difficult for the thrower, because defenders usually accompany the receivers, congesting and complicating the situation. Once the player is surrounded, his passing lanes are blocked and it is difficult to concentrate or make a good play. Usually, his only options are to ditch out and back, attempt a hammer (risky), or try a short pass with lots of defense coverage. So, if a teammate is under pressure with the disc, get open to set up a play, but make sure you give him space. It will be a lot easier for him.
    2. If the opposing team gains possession of the disc near their end zone (the one they're trying to score in) don't simply stand there, waiting for them to score, even if you're on the other side of the field. You generally will be able to get into position to guard an opponent before they attempt to score. Turn on the speed and get in there to take away at least one of their options. You might be surprised how often you can get into good defensive position in time in these situations if you just try. Even if they do score, you at least gave your best effort!
    Dan Romanowitz