Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday Frisbee 4/22

OK...  So I actually got a few pics of Frisbee finally!  :)

~We split up into 2 fields, This one more competitive~

 Burd throwing to Rockey

 Sky throwing to the end-zone

 Mark tossing the Frisbee

~This one less competitive~

 Chad Jr. looking to Big Chad

 Abby Davis calling the play

 Mr. Holmes catching the Frisbee for a score!  (It's the best out of the 2 shots I got of points! ;)

This is actually what most of the pics ended up like...  But I suffered through the pain of electronics to get the ones you see above.  :)

So that's the first in a series of Friday Frisbee events that I hope to capture with our trusty(?) camera.  Mom will probably be taking them from now on, since I can't stay away from Frisbee for too long.  ;)  But I know that'll mean that you'll get some better shots!