Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frisbee Tip - Aug/Sept

Well, I figured out that I'm getting really busy, and I can't think of good tips to give anyone...  Friday Frisbee is a family-friendly sport where everyone is supposed to have fun however they want!  But these tips are for you who want to improve your game.

That said, I want to say something else!  2 weeks ago, I had two girls on my team, who weren't older than 13, (something that doesn't happen in Il anymore, sadly) that were doing a REALLY GOOD job of moving the Frisbee up the middle of the field!  I think it surprised us "Teenage" boys more than anyone else!  :)  But yeah, they both had great games... catching, making good throws, and even blocking!

So that brings me to a tip to use in Frisbee...  I guess it applies to everyone, but more so in GA since we haven't split yet.

Let everyone touch the Frisbee!  Maybe they'll have good games...  you never know!
Take my last paragraph as an example.  In a normal game, those girls wouldn't have touched the Frisbee maybe but 3 times...  Not a lot...  But!  I think that given the chance, anyone can have a good game, and we used that to our advantage - we won the game by 1 point.  I don't think we would have won if we had just gone with us guys playing the game.
If you like to be competitive when you play, you can still use this tip...  Do it in the beginning of the game to see who's at their best performance that week, and then, during the middle and end where it counts, give the Frisbee to the ones who are "proving" themselves as being up to the challenge.

Those girls were up to the challenge and they won the game!


PS...  I kinda like to use the phrase "Monster" game, but that phrase just doesn't fit with girls...  Maybe "'Monsterette"?  ;)


  1. Isn't that the truth. And don't give up on the first couple of tries. Keep giving them throws. I've noticed that a new player will often drop the first couple of tries because of the pressure, but when you keep giving them chances it helps to remove the pressure on them and make them more comfortable.

    And never underestimate small kids. Actually, we have a highly intelligent 13-year-old kid named Michael who plays on the high school field. He is a terrific player, actually too good to play on the junior high and under field-so they sent him up to us. On his first game he was probably the second-to-last player picked, and definitely played up to the level of competition.

    Oh, by the way, I have a great idea for a 21st-century western-style film. (Yeah, I know, it sounds anachronistic-it's complicated.)

    How's the HIS team project coming? Do you have a script yet? What about storyboarding?

    Andrew C. R.

  2. Oh, by the way, Michael is probably not over 4 foot 7 inches.

    Andrew C. R.