Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Woohoo! :) Wait... I'm not supposed to be happy that I'm going to get minimal sleep over the weekend. :( Oh, well. But I am happy that I'm going to be able to help out at this year's GHEA convention! :D

It's showtime! They are already setting up the halls that we'll be using -

Welcome to GHEA!

The "pipe and drape" goes up

Marking where the aisles are

Rolling out the carpet

Part of the vendor halls - the yellow things are electrical extension cords... Some of the vendors wanted them

The vendors and volunteers come in tomorrow, and then the crowds will show up on Friday. :) It'll be fun if I can keep my eyes open - lack of sleep catches up to you fast! ;)


PS. I just put up 71% of the total of this blog's pics in one post! Thanks readers for your input! I'll get some more pics up after the convention... And after I get some sleep. ;)


  1. Oh boy. Oh wow. Oh my.

    Thanks for the pics...they're good to have since we're not going to notice much of any of that this weekend. ;o)


  2. ya, J! I can't wait either!!! :)

  3. Wow! Ya'll did a lot of work! Have fun this weekend! : )