Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thoughts? (-Questions revised)

I've been talking with some people and we've come to a conclusion. - Something is wrong with the set-up of Frisbee. When we get a lot of people we split into 4 teams and have a tournament... But that takes a lot of playing time, not to say anything of being the last person to pick.

So, tell me what you think is the answer to the solution. (up in IL where we played, they split up into 2 games every week. 1 game was High School and up, and the other game was kids not in HS yet.)

We might try a couple different splits when we get enough people, but let me know your thoughts!


PS. When you reply to this, (as I hope you will!) let me know if you'd like me to put some pics up here that relate to my posts.


  1. Hi Justus!

    The high school and non-high school division of players sounds a lot smarter to me, because then the younger kids don't get hurt playing with the big guys. Of course, little kids like playing with big kids, so maybe once in a while you should still play an all-open game.

    I'll think about questions we have for you, and ask my brothers if they have any. :)


  2. Hmmm. I always thought that worked well, personally. But I'm no expert. Can't wait to hear what you have in mind! :)

  3. Yes, pictures. You should also let people know that you're a multi-sport event. Bags tournaments are taking place each week for those less active competitors.

  4. Like Abby said, I've always thought it worked well. It's cool seeing people of all ages out there...just a thought : ) Last year I thought the way ya'll picked teams worked well (everyone standing tallest to smallest) Post pictures!


  5. The age split up is a good idea-I started playing after our group had split and for the first one-and-a-half seasons I played with the younger group. It helped me get better faster-more playing time. The younger kids need time to play on their own-I know, I was one of them. Only a little word of warning-if you have a lot of people in the younger people's game it might get really messy. (I mean really, really sloppy.) When the kids get much older than 13 (boys particularly) they need to move up to the big game. Just a couple of suggestions.

    Andy Romanowitz from Illinois

  6. Actually, now we're doing three fields, college, high school, and everyone younger. Once we started getting over 40 players on the higher level field, it became necessary.

    Dan R.