Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Frisbee Tip

Well, April is here and so is Spring! So that means (since it is another month) it's time for a Frisbee tip! :)

Well, I've been thinking that if I have to do one tip a month, I'll run out of ideas before next year!
You see, the problem is that I really like to play Frisbee... And I'm very experienced in it... But I really have trouble explaining things that go on inside my head to other people. :)
But here goes a shot at explaining some of it anyways.

OK. We looked at 2 things already.
1. Throw the Frisbee! -Gametime. (February)
2. Practice with the Frisbee! -Hometime. (March)

And so now we are going to add point three.

3. Prepare for Frisbee! -Post-hometime, Pre-gametime.

:) You might be saying "Hmmm... Jay just can't get off the 'prepare' theme". And, well, you might be right! But I think it's kind of important.

Take for example - Every Friday, I clean the house (same parts at the same time every week), listen to the same music, wear the same shoes, and get to the field the same way. It kind of gives you a feeling that you know what's going to happen next... Frisbee! It gets my adrenaline going just knowing that I'm going to play Frisbee.

This might sound like some physco-babble to you, but even in the pros (Baseball, Football... etc) they have what they call a 'routine' before they play every game. Routines vary from person to person, but if you have one, it should get you into your element like it does to me.


I'm sorry that this one is a longer one, but as I said - I have trouble explaining things.



  1. Hey Justus!
    Just thought I would leave you a comment!! Your blog is really cool! :) I like the grass. I'll see you at the convention! We're going to share Julia's booth and sell some foam weapons! :)

  2. Thanks! I like grass so much, I had to pick it as my background. Plus it kind of gives the blog an outdoors-ish look.
    That's a good idea. I'll come around and see how you're doing. :)

    PS. You should come to Frisbee soon... I'm having a winning streak again (4-0). ;)

  3. I understood you. You explain yourself pretty well. And I think you're pretty wise.

    I love you!