Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What To Wear...

Hmmmm... I decided I'd do another post on Frisbee before I do one of something else. ;)

That said, I'll share a story and a tip.
When I started playing Frisbee, I always had some sports clothes, some light ones, some dark ones... But there's one problem. We played at night! :) You can probably guess that one time I decided to wear all black... Stealth mode. Well, that game was one of the worst for me! I hardly ever got thrown to (I was a cherry-picker at the time), and when I went to guard people... Well let's just say they couldn't see me so I was always tripping over someone and falling into someone else. :)
Now, there's something to learn from this. Wear at least one light piece of clothing! you might have noticed that I wear white shorts to Frisbee every week. Now you know why I wear them. :)

Frisbeeman Jay


  1. Hey, your blog looks great.

    Love you.

  2. To be exact, usually the wicking material, white shirt, black pants. Baseball cap-mops up sweat-except on rainy days, which makes it worse. I wear it backwards, not cause it's cool (don't really care about that) but because that way i have full range of vision. Black ankle socks.

    Andy Romanowitz from Illinois