Monday, December 6, 2010

The Annual Rivalry

Last year some guys from our Frisbee group headed on over to Whitesburg to play the Carrollton Frisbee group.  We had a lot of fun, and thought about making it an annual event...  And that's what we're trying to do now - get another team to go over there!  I put the date on the side of my blog, but it's only penciled in right now - we might choose another date if our team (or the Carrollton team) can't get enough players by then, but I don't think it'll be a problem.

Now realize something...  This is a COMPETITIVE game!  We play by a lot of the "real" rules (out-of-bounds, timing the thrower, wearing cleats), and the style of play is a lot different - when we normally play, it's do whatever you want to do, scrambled eggs.  But when we played Carrollton, there's a lot of need for discipline...  We played man-to-man coverage, and advanced zone coverage when we couldn't do man-to-man.

Soooo...  That being said, I would like any of you who are interested in playing to let me know!  It will be challenging, it takes a little knowledge of the game, and it's very fast-paced with different rules.  I'm in charge of organizing the PTC Group, so email me or comment in the comment box under this post if you want to know more about it.

One more thing I'll let you know so you can think about it...  There are going to be a lot of "big guys" playing on the Carrollton team, and there's only going to be one team from each group playing, so remember that, but in the years following this one, we're hoping to make it more family-friendly and add a couple teams.

Consider it.  Let me know.


  1. Alright! I was hoping this post wouldn't go unnoticed! :)

    I'll send you an email...


  2. Caroling is finished! On Friday night we had the annual Cookies & Carols event at the Skarins.

    The annual downtown caroling performance actually had to be split up due to overcrowding. The Sommerfeld headed up one group and the Storms (an exclusively CFC group) the other. However, we (the fortunate Romanowitzes) got to be in both groups because the Sommerfelds invited us to join their group as they were a little on the short side in regards to young men.

    On Saturday the Sommerfeld-headed group sang in downtown Geneva. We had two groups: One, a main group of 25 people, and another, a smaller group of five people, which included Ruth N. and Diana M. as sopranos, Katie M. as alto, myself as tenor, and Caleb M. as bass. We sang inside part of the time and outside part of the time, the large and small groups alternating. We went through the standard routine five times. Actually, my voice wasn't blown out. Anyway, that was a lot of fun.

    Today, Sunday, was the CFC group caroling in downtown Naperville. We went out twice during the day: once at about 1:45, and then again at 5:30. We did about three times through the routine altogether.

    We ended our 5:30 performance in a very interesting way; the owner of an Apple, inc. store down the street asked us to come in and sing a couple of songs for the customers. It was a very interesting experience. We had dozens of cameras on us. I think that was our best performance of the day. If there's a youtube video of it, I'll pass you a link.

    Speaking of Youtube videos, you'll get a kick out of this: do a youtube search for Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus. (if you haven't already-it's got 23 million views in the last month.

    New trailer for Scions of Danger: look up Fantastic!


    Andy R

  3. By the way, you say you like bluegrass. Ever heard of the Mountain Aires? Seven Christian young guys from North Carolina-They play bluegrass, trad. Celtic, and Appalachian. Visit

    Andy R.

  4. Nope, I've never heard of them before... I went to their site and I like some of their music! :) I like most bluegrass... Not all bluegrass though. ;)

    How'd you find out about them?


  5. Vision Forum has a site called which has lots of downloadable Christian media of all sorts. That's where I first saw them.

    Andy R.


    The Romanowitzes

  7. Here's some REALLY rip-roarin' bluegrass for ya, performed by the fantastic Winton Father and Son band, who this last year performed at both the Vision Forum Father & Son Retreat and the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

    Look up:

    Enjoy! Happy soon-to-be new year!

    Andy R.

  8. Just watched those other ones... :) I kinda like that style better than the Mountain Aires.

    Peppy! I especially like it when people switch instruments during a song. :)


  9. Yep. By the way, they've only been playing their current instruments for four years.

    The boys have won quite a few awards, including:

    Western United States Picking Championship:

    Jesse (the banjo player): 1st Place 2008, 2nd Place 2009.

    California State Picking Championship:

    Jesse: 1st Place, Open Picking, 2010; 1st Place, Junior Picking, 2009.

    Cody (mandolin): 1st Place, Junior Division, 2010; 3rd Place, Junior Picking, 2009.

    Andy R.