Monday, July 5, 2010

Braves... Etc.

Well, I forgot to take very many pictures over the weekend... I'm fighting a losing battle in that section. :) But I will try to get some of the not-so-exciting pics up that I did take.

Last Wednesday we got to go to a Braves game for Jo's B-day which they played against the Washington Nationals! Well, we'd been to 3 Braves games before and 3 Braves losses - 2 of them being skunks 9-0. :) So we just went to have fun... Well this time the Braves beat the Nats 4-1! :) It was pretty fun too. Dad even caught one of the practice balls that one of the Nats hit for a home-run!

~Here are some pictures from that event~

Jo the B-day girl

The Braves starting pitcher Jair Jurrjens (his first game after he injured his hamstring)

A pitcher for the Nationals warming up (it's Stephen Strasburg... He's supposed to be one of the best rookie pitchers ever)

Some of the Nationals' trainers in the outfield for pratice - I thought they looked funny just sitting there with their bats.

One of the Nationals' outfielders... He did well, and caught a couple balls that looked hard to catch.

After that, we took Jo up to Atlanta (again) on Friday to go shopping at one of the malls there (any girl's dream), and after that we stopped and ate dinner and dessert at the Cheesecake Factory... I had a hot-fudge sundae. :) I'm not a big fan of cheesecake, but all the rest of my family said that the cheesecake was really good! But I was the only one in my family (including dad, which was a surprise) who didn't take home a to-go box! :D

Then after all of that... We did several different things for the 3rd of July. :) First Frisbeegirl and Frisbeeman went to the PTC parade and saw several friends there and talked with them for a little bit, then we watched part of the parade, but we couldn't stay long because we had to leave to go to our church's picnic at 11:00. While we were there most of us played Softball for a couple hours until 2:00, while some of the others played Volleyball... I played Softball and it was really fun, that's when I got a burn from being in the sun. :) So after that we went to a party at another family's house, where there was a pool, so they had relays across it with a tournament with different teams competing. I didn't get in the pool, but I got to play some Volleyball and Bags there.

Then we went to a golf course to watch the PTC fireworks, and we played some Ultimate Frisbee there. My team won 14-13. :)

On the 4th we went to another friend's home to watch the Newnan fireworks, and ended up playing Bags and Football there.

So that's the end of that! I'm all tired out now... :P But I had a ton of fun!

I'd love to hear about what you did for this past weekend! Just leave a comment telling everyone how much fun you had and what you did!



  1. Hey Frisbeeman!

    We had a great 4th too! After church, we played lots of volleyball and corn hole toss at the Skarins and threw the frisbee around some. Then we had some great food--hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, brownies--the works! (yum :)!) My brothers and I sang a couple songs during the presentation time. Afterwards I had a supersoaker fight with some of the younger kids and then we went to the Naperville fireworks. We set up at a different location than usual, because the usual one was off limits. As a result, we couldn't be quite as close to the launching location, although I made up for that with binoculars. One firework went off prematurely, but there weren't any negative results. The rest of the show was great!

    Dan R.

  2. Hey Justus! Jake & Danny sang with Dan R. & bros. (& Havens sons) at the 4th @ Skarin's. It was hot and muggy, with swarming mosquitoes. But it was good fellowship. I posted pic's on Facebook if you want to see. And I'm sure you saw the video Mrs. Havens posted on YouTube of the singing.

    Hope you have another great weekend this weekend!!

  3. Wow. We got fans, huh?

    Andy R.