Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Frisbee Tip

Well, I don't know how I'm going to think up all these tips, but it's always good to stick with what you first started out to do.

Soooo.... Off the top of my head, I can't think of a single thing to help anybody with! :{ So I guess I'm stuck just helping with one of the ideas of Frisbee.

Have fun!
If you think about it, you don't really remember if you won a ton of games last year, or if you caught the Frisbee a million times... You most likely remember if you had fun though! I've spent a lot of time thinking about how Frisbee is fun to different people, and you can have fun any way you want!

I know people who can only have fun if they're competitive, so we try and be kind of competitive for those kinds of people...

I know some people who have fun just getting to touch the Frisbee a couple times a game, so we throw it to them when we see that they're open....

I know people who have fun hanging out with their friends, so we try and talk with them and make them have a good time...

I know I like all of these things! I like being competitive, throwing/catching/and otherwise getting to touch the Frisbee, and seeing my friends there! That's what makes it fun for me, and what I hope makes it fun for you too!

See if you can think of a couple more ways you have fun playing Frisbee, and then post that in the comment box!


PS... If you have something about Frisbee that you don't understand, or need help with, put a comment on here and I'll either reply to you or make it my next Frisbee Tip!
If you don't want anyone else to see it, make sure you say that in the comment so that I won't publish it.




    The above website gives a ton of tips for Ultimate Frisbee. Check it out.

    Love ya,


  2. Prayer request: Mark Sommerfeld sent out an email yesterday to let everybody know that we are having problems with securing the Frisbee field for our use. Apparently the Wheaton College fields have been vandalized, and even though we aren't guilty as it wasn't the fields we were using, the College has decided it prudent to heighten the security standards. We do not know whether we will be able to continue using the same frisbee fields.

    ALSO: Jason Sommerfeld left for West Point military academy on Saturday. Pray for him with all the need for courage, and the moral tests that come with an environment like this, and also that the Sommerfelds would make it back to Illinois safely.

    Andy Romanowitz

  3. Oh, BTW, Jason has a blog now,

    Andy R.

  4. Praise the Lord! The Sommerfelds were able to obtain official permission to continue to use the fields...for free! Thanks for praying.

    FRISBEE TONITE :)!!!!!!!

    Dan R.