Friday, July 9, 2010


Hey readers of my blog!

Gene and I have come up with a contest!  There's no entry fee, but there are prizes!  the contest is to advertise Friday Frisbee!


The object of this contest is for the contestants to make a 2min (max) commercial/advertisement for Ultimate Frisbee / Friday Frisbee!


1. You can only enter up to 3 different Frisbee commercials per family. There is no entry fee.
2. The ad can only be up to 2 minutes in length. There is no minimum time for the ad.
3. Please remember that this is a Christian Frisbee group, that doesn't mean that you have to pound Bible verses into your entry, but that you have to keep it clean. Your entry must have nothing in it that would make it questionable to watch.
4. Your entry/entries will be automatically disqualified if any of these rules are violated.

If you are interested in making an ad with people playing Ultimate and don't have the time/people/equipment to film it, email me (Leave a comment with your email if I don't have it already...  I'll delete your comment if you want to keep it private) and I'll send out some Friday Frisbee footage to those who enter the competition.


The first 3 places will get to have their commercial put on this blog.
Plus the 1st place winner will win a Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee disc.


We need some volunteer judges to judge the entries... If you're interested in doing that, please reply back and I'll set something up with you. The deadline to apply for a judge's spot will be on August 21st. We will send you an email soon after you reply, with instructions on scoring and everything else you'll need to know. We're hoping to get 5 judges, so HURRY UP and sign up to be a judge!

To be a judge, none of your immediate family can submit an entry to this competition. We would rather not put the temptation in front of the judges to pick one of their family's entries.

The criteria for judging entries will be different depending on the different likes/dislikes of the judges. They may (according to their fancy) choose the most funny, most professional, or whatever they like.


The deadline to submit your commercial will be on Saturday, August 28th at 12:00pm. You can email your submissions to me, give me or Gene a DVD at Frisbee, or otherwise get your ad to me/Gene... We will then make sure that the judges get it.

The places of the contestants will be decided on by Saturday, September 11th at the latest. The top 3 placements will then be put on this Frisbee blog (probably one at a time) for your enjoyment! We will also try to make a website later for the entries that didn't place, so that you can view all of them if you wish.



  1. You said;
    "the contest is to advertise Friday Frisbee!"
    Does the entry/entries need to advertise Friday Frisbee? or can it just advertise Frisbee, Because I know someone that might be interested but he goes to a Sunday evening Frisbee game.

  2. It doesn't need to advertise Friday Frisbee, it only needs to advertise Ultimate Frisbee - but we'll use it to advertise our Friday Frisbee group.

    You can either make it special to Friday Frisbee, or make it for Frisbee in general - is what I'm trying to say. :)