Saturday, February 13, 2010


Oh man! Boy oh boy!! It SNOWED! :D I almost can't believe that the South got snow!
And when it snows.... You have to at least have ONE snowball fight! :) Boy did I have fun going outside without snowpants. I got a little wet the first time, and I had to wear my wet pants for round 2 also. :) But that didn't bother me. I knocked out a couple players. :) Man I'm smiling a big smile right now. I'm happy! :D I got to see it snow about 3" yesterday. Wish all my friends from Il could enjoy the snow down here. (doesn't that seem backwards?)




  1. Thanks for sharing the snow with us! We had so much fun! I miss you and love you!
    Aunt Heather

  2. Justus--Yeah, you're getting all our snow! We just got a dusting last night. Sigh. Did Sarah take pictures?? I'd love to see them!

    Also--How do you get your blog view to show comments at the bottom, and the "post a comment" box, too?? Mine just shows "xx Comments" and you have to click to see the comments. I don't' know how to change it!

  3. Well, if you go to "customize" and then go to "settings" and then "comments", you should see some Qs about comments. On the "comment form placement" Q you should put in "embedded below post". That's what I have it at. If that doesn't work... ?

    I dunno if S took pictures... I'll ask her to put some up if she did.