Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Frisbee Tip of the Month - February

Hey Frisbeers (is that a word?). One of the things I'd like to do on this blog is to put some Frisbee tips up here once a month. You don't have to follow them, or even read them, but I'll just put them up here for whoever wants to improve their game (or improve my knowledge ;).

OK. First tip.

Don't wait a long time to throw the Frisbee. When you hold the Frisbee, it tends to create traffic around you, with no one getting open, and it almost always results in a turnover. If you think you're holding it too long, just throw it to someone who's close to you. It's okay if you miss.

Remember that one of the main reasons we're here is to have fun!


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  1. Hey Justus!

    Great blog!! Let me know if there's anything about blogging you would like to know how to do, or any questions on how to format your blog. I helped Sarah put a new background on hers... I also know where to find 'guy' backgrounds if you're interested in customizing your blog. :) I could also design you a 'header' or picture that goes at the top. Check out my blog here:


    That's the web address, or URL. :D

    (I designed the whole look of my blog)
    I also designed a blog for Mrs. Cowart today... it's here: http://inklingsofintrigue.blogspot.com

    Just type that in to go to her blog. :)

    Mark read your blog too, and thought it was great. :) (maybe I can get HIM to start a blog now, finally...) heehee. :D I've been nagging him about it for ages. Steven has one but he _never_ writes on it.

    Thanks for the Frisbee tip! :D I'll keep that in mind.