Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Frisbee - Work and Attitude.

Well Frisbee guys, we have exactly 10 more days to the season opening game (which means you'll have to wait one more day to get a weather forecast for the day).  :D

I know I haven't been posting much on my blog recently, and most of it isn't related to Frisbee - but this is a Frisbee post for you if you're interested.  And it's pretty short, with not a lot to it.

Ok, so look one more time at the title....  How do work and attitude apply to Frisbee?  Just this - It counts for EVERYTHING in a game!

Let's look at opposites....  Work and laziness - A lazy person won't move around much in a game, and they shut down when they start to feel just a little tired.  A hard worker runs around until they're ready to drop!  Now which one would you rather have on your team?

Attitude - Good or Bad.  A person with a bad attitude won't have fun on the field, especially if they're losing.  A person with a good attitude will see the fun in every game, winning or losing!

The benefits -
Morale:  If you have teammates who are working hard, and are having fun doing it, the morale of the team will be brought up by them - if not, the morale of the team will be brought down.

Fun:  It's a lot more fun to do your best and have a lively spirit about it!

Exercise:  Q: What are you doing if you give up before giving it your all???
A: You're not exercising your full potential....  you'll get a better workout if you're working hard and being happy about it.

Legend:  Your legend will be remembered by teammates for a long time.  People will be inspired by you to do the same.

I can't WAIT for Frisbee!!!!!!!!!  :D

So whatcha say?  Shall we all try and have a positive impact on others at the field?  I'm going to try, and I sure hope you help me out!  :D


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  1. Yes! Obviously I hadn't read this when I asked you the other day if you guys were still doing Frisbee. :)