Monday, February 27, 2012

Who does this kind of thing?!?!

I mean, um, I......

I'm going a little out of the way to gain "publicity" for this, but a Blog post that says what this says....  Has anyone ever done this???

Let me explain.

Alright. Last year we had a Frisbee Commercial Contest.... This year we're doing a contest that's a little different (To be announced later). But you have the chance to pick who gets what...  :)

Sound good?

Basically I have a few things that I'm going to give out at the end of the contest to the top X finishers.  That's right....  I'm not picking how many people get prizes...  YOU ARE!  :)

Anyways here's how it works.  Pick any of the things below and number them (which finisher will get that item [anywhere from 1st to 6th...  ;)] ), and then comment and tell me what you picked.

1 *Regular Frisbee.
1 *Light up Frisbee.
2 *Pairs of wristbands.
2 *Frisbee T-Shirts.

This is an example pick - ("1st place: Light up Frisbee, and a T-shirt...  2nd place: Regular Frisbee and pair of wristbands....  3rd place: T-shirt and pair of wristbands.)

Mix & Match time!  Btw, tell your friends about it - ANYONE can enter when we start the competition!!!!!!!!!  :)


P.S.  You MUST vote before the 16th of March!  ...It's a secret what the competition is - so that no one gets greedy (if they're sure they can get first or second based on the category.... ;).  I'll post about the prize order and what the competition is after I figure out the votes.  :)

P.P.S.  I have still another secret to be revealed in the due course of time...  :D


  1. I'm kinda confused as to what you are wanting us to "pick"...

  2. You can pick the number of winners, and what place gets which prize (or prizes).

  3. 1st place: Light up Frisbee, and a T-shirt
    2nd place: Regular Frisbee and T-shirt
    3rd place: T-shirt and pair of wristbands
    4th place: Wristbands

  4. What Roger said sounds good to me.

  5. How about the top 20...or 200...and each place gets a light up frisbee, a regular frisbee, a t-shirt, and a pair of wristbands. You did say there was no limit. ;o) Mom