Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PICS! Friday - May 13

I finally moved the pics of Frisbee down to our "Internet" computer from the old one upstairs where my sis had put them...  I love hide-and-seek!  not....  Anyways, here they are!  =)

Friday Frisbee ~ May 13, 2011

 Eric gets the bomb-block

 Gene-O jumps up for a catch

 Danny grabs the Frisbee

 Mr. Skills himself!  Daniel makes a nice catch

 Mr. Skills' dad shows where he got it from

 Sic looks past Gene-O

 Jay flicks it past Gene-O

 Kennie makes a showy grab

 Jay snags it in front of Gene-O

 Kennie makes another catch in the air

 Roger with a jumping pancake-catch

 Rocky with a jumping(?) pancake catch

Jay twisting to get around Gene-O
Soooo...  Give it up for Mom-O!  =)  She's getting better at shooting Frisbee.

I just noticed that in the pics I took of people looking to throw it, Gene-O's guarding most of them!  He was team captain by the way....  WAY TO GO, GENE-O!  Setting the bar higher for us.  =)

I hope you liked this little glimpse into the Friday Frisbee world.  =)



  1. Awesome pictures! :) Thanks for posting them. :)

  2. Are these the totally awesome pics your mom took? Tell her great job!

  3. I told her. :) The point isn't so much that they're the best Frisbee pics ever as much as that she got more 'good pics' than before! :) Maybe she'll shoot a dive someday! (That means someone will have to dive... I'll volunteer! ;)