Monday, May 23, 2011

May Frisbee Tip

So, Frisbee is now in full swing and I haven't posted any tips this year.  :(  Sorry about that, but I've been busy and haven't really thought about it much....  Until now...

Tip - Experience is very helpful (I know, it's nice of me to say so...  right?) in getting the most out of your game.  Be committed to learning while you're playing.*
OK...  This one needs an explanation.  =)  I've played 115 games in the past 5 years (I didn't keep track before then), and I've played Ultimate for about 8 years!  Thus I can be considered very *experienced* by some people.  And In all my experience, I've learned this - that experience goes for nothing unless it is helped along by knowledge and a desire to learn.

I can play a million games and still be a mediocre player.  Or I could play only a few games, gain some basic knowledge of the game, learn how to respond when different situations arise, and be a phenomenal player!
Some people enjoy getting out there and just playing with friends...  I'm not one of those guys.  While I do value friendship and being with my friends more than I like to play Frisbee (Really!  No joke.  Frisbee is just one of the many tools available to me.), I can't just simply play a game for that reason.  I have to be analyzing the field, cutting to where I know I can get the Frisbee, and trying to learn new ways of playing optimally.

Therefore - *Be committed to learning while you're playing...  It's really not hard to think through things while you're running around on the field.
(one basic way to start is this: when the other team scores a point, ask yourself this question while you're walking back to your end-zone - "How did they manage to score around my team?"  That should lead to a few more questions that are answered in your mind in less than a heartbeat - "Who was guarding X when they caught it?" - "Who was I guarding?" - "Are we as a team guarding specific people, or are we just doing a 'zone' defense?" - "Was the thrower giving signs of where they wanted to throw before they threw it?"...)
Ask yourself some of those ^ if you're committed to making experience count more for you than it does in the next guy.

There's only so much you can learn by simply doing something repetitively.


P.S.  The pics are almost ready for me to post them...  *Suspense...*  =D


  1. Awesome tips. (waiting on pics) :)

  2. Nice post.

    So...How was YOUR Judgement Day?

    Hope you all had/are having fun with the S. and H. families!

    Andrew R.

  3. You really need to come to our Frisbee! You would have a lot of fun! We have been having some amazing games. ;)


  4. We had a lot of fun in the "Sunburn State". ;) And btw, my cousin graduated on Judgment day and I slept the last hours away... All without concern. =D I wasn't even keeping up with all that news and stuff... There's just too much to do in the meantime.