Monday, August 30, 2010

A Lesson

Well, I haven't posted in a while, and I don't know what to post, so I'll just put a quote from my Bible curriculum on here.

"Timothy, a deacon of Mauritania, and Maura his wife, had not been married three weeks, when they were separated from each other by the persecution. Timothy was carried before Arrianus, the governor of Thebais, who did all in his power to induce him to embrace the pagan superstition. Perceiving his endeavors vain, and knowing that Timothy had the keeping of the Scriptures, the governor commanded him to deliver them up, that they might be burnt: to which Timothy answered, 'Had I children, I would sooner deliver them up to be sacrificed, than part with the Word of God.' The governor, incensed at this reply, ordered his eyes to be put out with hot irons, saying, 'The books shall at least be useless to you, for you shall not see to read them.' He endured the punishment with such patience, that the governor was the more exasperated, and ordered him to be hung up by the feet, with a weight tied about his neck, and a gag in his mouth. This treatment he bore with the greatest courage, when some person acquainted the governor that he had been but newly married to a wife of whom he was extremely fond. Arrianus accordingly ordered Maura to be sent for, and promised a handsome reward, with the life of her husband, if she would prevail upon him to sacrifice to the idols. Maura, wavering in her faith, and impelled by affection for her husband, undertook the impious affair. When conducted to him, she assailed his constancy with all the language of affection. when the gag was taken out of his mouth, he blamed her mistaken love, and declared his resolution of dying for the faith. Maura repeated her importunities, till her husband reproved her so strongly, that she returned to his way of thinking. The governor ordered her to be tortured, which was executed with great severity; and after this Timothy and Maura were crucified near each other, AD 304"
~John Fox

Wow... What a powerful testament to what we can endure if God gives us the strength! How many of us would do the same thing Timothy did when he was put through all that? I hope that all of us would! Stories like this one give me strength to go on, fighting all the way to the end!



  1. Reminds me of a quote from a hymn by Reginald Heber:

    A noble army, men and boys,
    The matron and the maid,
    Around the Savior's throne rejoice,
    In robes of light arrayed.
    They climbed the steep ascent of heaven
    Through trail, toil, and pain,
    Oh, God, to us may grace be given
    To follow in their train.

    What a mighty God we serve. May He give us grace to walk as these heroes walked.

    Andrew Romanowitz

  2. Winners for the competition announced tomorrow, no?

    By the way, it was great to see Jason Sommerfeld back last Saturday. He's doing just great.

    Andy Romanowitz

  3. Maybe... We have the winners, but I don't have the time to put it up here yet. I'll definitely put them up by Monday.

    I'm glad you guys got to see Jason for a little! ...If only he'd stop by down here sometime now... ;) How'd Frisbee go on Saturday? It probably felt a little different since it was a Saturday - not a Friday.