Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frisbeeman? ...Frisbeeman?!

YES!  I'm okay!  I haven't died, gotten ill, or gone on vacation...  :)

The reason I haven't posted in a while is that the regular school year is here, I joined a new running club, and I'm now employed at Chick-fil-A!  :)

So...  While I would love to post a lot on here about what I'm doing, I just don't have the time to do it.

I will try to keep up this blog for my good readers (thanks for not going away!  I haven't posted since the 21st of July!), and I will also try to get some pics up...  I know a picture can tell way more than I can write, so that's what I'll try and do.

Thanks for understanding!  I'll definitely post about Frisbee tips, and Frisbee stuff in general, and maybe I'll put in a movie review or two.  And then there's always my other nickname - Theologyman.  ;)

Whew!  Now, in posting this, I've just reminded myself that I will keep posting - maybe once a week, maybe once a fortnight, but I WILL post!  :)

Have a good day,


  1. Hey there, Jay! (Used to Justus {sp?} but I'm flexible!) Wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Left y'all (my best Georgian) a voicemail, looking forward to hearing from you!

    Happy bday again,
    Mrs. Havens
    PS: Bryan and Nathan say "hi and happy birthday" too!

  2. I was beginning to wonder if I should post a comment along the lines of "Is Frisbeeman still on planet Earth??"

    So guess who else is getting employed at Chick-fil-A?

    No, not me. Kevin Skarin. Chick-fil-a is starting up a new one in the Fox Valley area, if you remember where that is, and they are employing right now. He's getting some sort of assistant managerial position, apparently. Have to keep up with that, won't you (just kidding.) He actually has the idea that he might want to be a manager.

    Joined a running club, eh?

    Have to give you a race some time when you come up to IL. None of your long-distance stuff. Sprint. 100 yards. ;)

    Oh, a few movie websites you NEED to check out if you get the time: Ace Wonder is a detective film being put together by the group that won last year's SAICFF grand prize, Heumoore productions. I've been following it since they announced the project in March. It is GREAT STUFF! They have the first of three one-minute trailers out right now. Colin Gunn, SAICFF grand prize winner of 2007, has a great new documentary in the works called IndoctriNation, about the public school system. It's a dynamite project. Featuring interviews with Doug Phillips Geoffrey Botkin, Kevin Swanson, Voddie Baucham, Herb Titus, Gary North-plus insiders on the public school system. Looks like a very revealing project. They do have a trailer which is three minutes long. New film by Sherwood Pictures. I guess I'll let their website tell you about their film because this comment is getting long... Watch "The Heart of Courageous #2" under videos. It's terrific. (It does have some of my not-exactly-favorite music in it, but it still is great) They do not have a trailer out quite yet.

    Segregation: Look up Leclerc Brothers Motion Pictures on Vimeo and watch the Segregation trailer. This is a project by two young Christian filmmakers about the evils of age-segregated youth ministry. It is being sponsored by the National Center for Family Integrated Churches.

    Sorry, I'm almost taking over your blog here-I think I will close this comment. God bless!

    Andy Romanowitz

  3. Hi, young man!

    Sending a great birthday wish your way from the six of us! We were on vacation in NY for two weeks, so I'm kinda glad you didn't post anything--there was much less in my blog list to have to read!!

    Say HI to your whole family for us!!!

    From, the Soto's