Saturday, June 18, 2011

Frisbee Tip ~ June

Every now and again in the warm summer months, something brings families and smiling children to a certain place at a certain time and they go back home that night feeling refreshed and encouraged by the atmosphere of Friday Frisbee.

OK, OK....  I at least get a B+ for originality, right?  ;)  Anyways, this post is here to help those people to learn another Frisbee trick, or simply become better.

Tip - Have a plan for attack!
In recent games I've played, we've had a plan of attack (Thanks mostly to Sky's dad :), and there's something about just having a plan that gets people, who otherwise aren't that interested in the game, moving around, involved, and actually motivated to help the team.
Examples -
1.  Have a designated 4-man team to work the Frisbee on short passes on either side of the field.  4 people is usually the best combination, because any less and you might be too heavily guarded to stick to the plan - and more than that clogs up the runways.  These guys can work it in among themselves and go for a bomb occasionally (generally only if the other team's defense is pushing-up, and you have a guy breaking out behind them), or sneak it out to a teammate in mid-field who then gets it back to one of the open 4-man team.  It's amazing how well this scheme works.  But a lot of it is mental.

2. Pick a person that is going to be the designated catcher of the point.  If you do, everyone knows where they are most of the time and they actually try to move the Frisbee around to attack that spot at the best angle.  And you mature (mentally speaking from a Frisbee point of view) when you try to throw to someone who's guarded.  It helps you think of how to throw around people, and helps you learn the tendencies of your teammates.

When you have a plan, usually you need a leader to put those plans into action.  :)  YOU could be the person that suggests a cool battle plan to your team, and then go out with spunk and motivate others to help the team.  Even if you're not the "captain" of the team, your leaders should always be open for ideas...  And if you talk it out with them, you can claim some of the credit when you win!  :)

There are many more examples that I know of, but I want to see what you guys think of!  So if you think of a good idea, leave a comment and I'd love to give you feedback (if you want me to), or simply try to implement it in a game and see how it works.  :)



  1. Hey Justus!

    I'd give that opening an A, actually. :D

    Great topic! I really like playing on a team with a plan - it's gotten to where I actually get annoyed if the team is just out there running around with no idea of what they're doing. ;)
    But then on the flip side, sometimes you just have to go with you instincts and not over-think things. And it could be a problem if the other team figures out your plan. That's when you need a plan B. :D But that's another topic...

    I tried to comment on your last post, by the way, but I don't know if it made it... sometimes the comments don't work for my profile for some reason... anyway, we were all really sad to miss Frisbee because of the storms last Friday. :( But at least we got some much-needed rain out of it. :)

    Have a great week!

  2. Just be careful with this idea. yes it works great! but it's easy to get 4-5 ppl who work the frisbee up the line and then forget about the other 5 ppl who are standing on the sidelines :)
    just a thought

  3. Micah - I was hoping someone would come up with the idea of variations in the plan before I said anything, but I'll do it anyways...

    1. Change the 4-man team every point! You can do this by either by switching one person out for another, or by changing more than one out. And always keep the option open of throwing outside this "box" when you have the Frisbee and are part of the 4-man-team. Because if the other team catches on and reads your 4-man scheme, then you throw them a monkey-wrench and they usually aren't sure who's working it that point (especially if you throw it to a non-4-man teammate more than once in one point).

    2. Have 2 designated catchers because one person isn't going to be open all the time, and then it allows one of them to run out of the end-zone if they're being guarded in the end-zone. Plus it gives the thrower more options... It just frees up the play and opens more options.

    Btw, Julia, I didn't get the comment at all. :P Technology, right? ;) Anyways, thanks for the good grade! :D

    We played despite the rain... It actually didn't rain or lightning/thunder at all while we were playing! The field was pretty wet though. :)


  4. By the way, I haven't posted any pics because our camera is currently out of order... :'( I'll get some more when we get our little issue fixed.


  5. Bonus tip #1103: And save energy for the moments when you really need it. I've wasted a lot of energy trying to play the sides when they aren't open. A center patrol slightly toward the enemy side is excellent for offense and defense; and gives you the range to hit just about anything.

    Bonus tip #1104: don't drop frisbees...